Till Böcking The 43rd Lorne Conference on Protein Structure and Function 2018

Till Böcking

Till Böcking studied biochemistry at the University of Bonn followed by PhD in biophysics with Hans Coster (UNSW) and a postdoc in chemistry with Justin Gooding (UNSW) focusing on molecular self-assembly. He then headed to Boston as a Cross-Disciplinary HFSP Fellow to work on the endocytosis machinery with cell biologist Tom Kirchhausen at Harvard Medical School. Till now teaches in the School of Medical Sciences and leads the Molecular Machines Group at the EMBL Australia Node in Single Molecule Science at UNSW Sydney. His research is focused on single-molecule fluorescence approaches to resolving the assembly/disassembly pathways of supramolecular protein machines in infection and immunity with a focus on viral capsids and pore-forming proteins.

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