Martin Stone The 43rd Lorne Conference on Protein Structure and Function 2018

Martin Stone

Associate Professor Martin Stone is a researcher and teacher in the Monash University Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute. He received his BSc and MSc (Hons) degrees from the University of Auckland (New Zealand) and his PhD from the University of Cambridge (UK). He was a postdoctoral research fellow at the Scripps Research Institute in (San Diego, USA) and a faculty member at Indiana University (Bloomington, USA) before moving to Monash in 2007. From 2013-2016 he served as Director of the Graduate Program in Biomedical Science at Monash. Martin’s research program focuses on mechanisms of regulation of chemokines and their receptors, which play critical roles in directing the migration of leukocytes in inflammatory responses. Recently, his lab has made important contributions to understanding the structural basis by which chemokines can differentially activate a shared receptor to elicit distinct cellular outcomes and in characterising a new family of tick proteins (evasins) that suppress host inflammation by inhibiting chemokines.

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